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Conference-Manager supports every stage of your event: Save-the-Date · Invitation · Registration · Microsite · Ticketing · Hotel-Booking · Newsletter · Agenda · Feedback-Form · Media-Gallery and many more

Full personal support

Conference-Manager is an enterprise-solution and has been developed for this market-segment. Therefore, we are offering personal account-management to lower your personal effort of time and ressources as much as possible. You need support? You will get it. We will take care of your digital work while you can focus on your business.

Easy to customize

Conference-Manager is a best-of-breed platform that has been optimized based on feedbacks from several customers with hundreds of events. Therefore, we can offer a proofen platform, which is easy-to customize with your requirements and with your CI to serve your specific event best.

Seamless integration

One Database. This is our philosophy. Therefore, we are able to connect our platform with any establish CRM with an API that allows you to use any requested data from your database with conference-manager and to get back any requested data from conference-manager into your CRM. Easy, Seamless, integrated.

Fast Time to market

Conference-Manager has been developed for companies with many seminars, trainings, events and tradeshows. As soon as the first setup is done, follow-up events can be executed easy and fast. From briefing to go-live in one week? No problem with our solution.

Organisational efficiency

Your goal is to achieve your business-goals. Therefore, we understand that it is essential to invest in your ressources as much as possible to get this done. We take care of your digital work and execute any requirement with efficient tools to digitalize as much as possible and make any information accessible in real-time.

Focus on your event and let us do your digital work

As your event partner we serve a full stack digital event environment so you save time, hassle and ressources. With years of experience in event, marketing and media we believe event management needs to be taken to the next step.

Best Technology Work Everywhere

Fully resposive design optimized for all digital devices.

Fully responsive layout that will adopt itself to any mobile device.

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The Conference-Manager is more than just a product, it's a way of thinking.


This feature is the basis for everything. After an initial workshop, we will know what your requirements are for your event. Based on this, we will setup your individual version of our best-of-breed platform with your individual design and feature-set. This step will be the basis to adopt to any further event that might be executed in the future.


You know when your event is and you want to inform your invitees? No problem. Just setup an initial save-the-date mailer to your invitees. Executed with state-of-the-art mailing system and fully trackable, we are able to setup, send out and analyse your initial dialogue with your customers.


The full-featured microsite contains all relevant event-information and has some public and some login-areas. Adopting your CI, we are able to integrate all information you want to provide. Information about the purpose, the venue, the agenda, evening-events and whatever more, our microsites are able to provide any information you want to communicate.


As far as any information is set, we are able to send out an invitation which is designed again in your CI and contains all information you want to provide. Executed with state-of-the-art mailing system and fully trackable, we are able to setup, send out and analyse your invitation to your customers.


Every mail we send out to your customers has its individual link. Therefore, your invitees will be able to login with this link and an additional password to your login-section on the microsite. For sure, the password can be changed afterwards by every customer. And the best thing - it can be used for any additional event in the future. We call this single-sign on.


Your event is coming closer and some of your invitees did not register so far? No worries, just send out a reminder in defined time-frames to make them aware of your event again.

Log-In Section

Any information you want to provide, but not in a public segment of the site, can be provided in the login-section. Every user who has his login-information can enter this part of the site easily.


You want to know which part of your suggested agenda is accepted best by your invitees? Just setup this feature and any attendee can select all sessions he is interested in. The selection gives you the oportunity to adjust room-selection and make sure that you hit the best acceptance with your content. Further, any attendee will receive a file with his own agenda - digital or printed.


You want so see what results have been generated? Just login into the admin-segment and you will get any report you want to have with one click.


You attendees should be able to directly book the conference-hotel over the site? No problem. A seamless integration with almost all hotel booking-engines can be provided.


Your event requires an attendee-pass or a ticket? We create secure, personalized passes with QR-Codes, which are directly provided via the login-section. Times where you had to pay for any ticket and let third-parties participate on your ticketing-revenue are over. Further, your customers will not be forced to give their data to third-party vendors.


Our fully responsive design allows us to provide a mobile-app for your attendees. This is the direct channel for any communication during the conference and is able to provide static and dynamic content. Further, we are able to realize interactive features like twitter-walls, live-polls and many more. Most-likeable feature is our push-mail-service that reminds any attendee about starting time of speeches, events and any other relevant topic.


Every event has its stories and its pictures. From the city, from the venue. From speakers and attendees. Further, there are files from the presentations which have to be provided to anybody in an efficient way. We will setup your media-gallery in the login-section where every attendee has all relevant files available.

Connector to CRM

We are able to provide standard-APIs with leading CRM-Systems, e.g. salesforce.com, Sugar and Microsoft Dynamics.


You want to learn after your event about the feedback? You want to get insights about good and bad things to improve the next time? No problem at all. Our set-up allows to sent an immediate mail with a digital feedback-form to every attendee directly after the conference. As soon as any feedback is provided, you will have an automated report available. Without any delay.

Secure Database

Our database will collect all relevant information we get. Based on our initial workshop, we can deliver all this data directly to your CRM over a standard API. Therefore, we were able to help many customers to clean-up their existing data, extend their knowledge and learn much more about their customers and their individual preferences.


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  • Setup Environment
  • Landingpage & Registration
  • Conference Website

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  • Setup Environment
  • Landingpage & Registration
  • Conference Website
  • Seat Reservation
  • Hotel Booking
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Analytics & Reports

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  • Setup Environment
  • Landingpage & Registration
  • Conference Website
  • Seat Reservation
  • Hotel Booking
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Analytics & Reports
  • Ticketing
  • Mobile App

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What our users are saying

Find out why our users keep using SmartMvp

Conference-Manager is exactly what we have been looking for. This tool is what you need if you want to have a professional setup for event execution. It`s a flexible platform that is easily adopted to my specific needs and does not force me to give my valuable customer-data to third-party vendors.

Stephan Grad, Founder aCommerce

Conference-Manager enables us to execute all our seminars, trainings, conferences and tradeshows with one platform. We can increase our efficiency and make sure that all external events are presented on a professional-platform. From briefing to go-live in one week - this is what we expect today in the real-time world.

Sabine ReinerGlobal Marketing Director @ Clariant

Our idea for the conference-manager is really no rocket science. One platform combined with individual features and a seamless integration with leading CRM-systems. Not less, not more. But exactly addressing the need of our customers.

Florian LüftRidotto Group

Meet the Team

We are a passionate team of designers, developers and marketing experts with headquarters in Munich.

Florian Lüft

CEO & Director of Growth
Experienced digital entrepreneur with strong skills in marketing and Sales. Florian works for 20 years in different positions delivering best-quality solutions for customer needs. Conference Manager is the result of many projects with several customers and his answer to obvious need of mid-size and large enterprises. Therefore, Florian is taking care of our marketing- and sales-department.

Moritz Kratzer

COO & Project Handling
Moritz is a professional head of operations and product management. He is the guy who takes care of our product roadmap and is responsible that all customer projects are delivered in time and budget. Moritz will be the one, who is supporting our pre-sales and show the customer, what we can do for him.

Dana Nedamaldeen

UX/ UI + Product Management
Dana is the Chief Product Designer. He has designed & built products for Startups as well as long-established companies and is a serial entrepreneuer.

Sebastian Slomski

Product Development
Sebastian is our CTO. Despite his age he had the engineering lead on multiple large products and successfully founded two companies.

Ruben Grill

Product Development
Ruben, lead developer of the Conference Manager enjoys to experience Software Development in all its facets while putting highest emphasis on reliable and durable products.

Julia Jahn

Customer Support
Julia is our SpoC in the daily-business for our customers. Working together with Florian and Moritz for almost five-years, she is responsible for the execution.

Bernd Langheim

Bernd has worked in the Events Industry for 20 years selling and marketing Conference and Exhibition Management, Registration and Ticketing Systems.
His focus lies on developing solutions that increase the ROI of his customers and true customer satisfaction.